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DRE Testimonials

Ramon Casaus

As a traditional real estate investor I am always looking for ways to take my “active” income & invest it into “champion” cash flowing assets. There are alot of upsides to investing in real estate but also some downsides. Covering debt service, lack of liquidity, liabilities created by tenants, repairs & maintenance are all things you have to deal with so when I heard about Digital Real Estate, my interest was peaked. No tenants, no maintenance, no debt service & can sell the assets at any time? No brainer, not to mention the cash on cash returns. When you look at the fundamental differences of how Digital Real Estate functions as an investment vs. Single family / multi family housing, it made a lot of sense for me to keep liquidity, increase my cash flow and have a TRULY champion investment.

Paul Milton

I picked up 4 DRE’s before the price increased, I’ll be adding more this week with a few friends to partner up. Thanks again as this is truly an amazing and life changing experience, I used to flip houses for years and have recently decided to cut my losses, cash out and avoid the turbulence of the stock market and real estate market for the time being…I went to the Million Dollar Mastermind to expand my mind and level up my income and you guys couldn’t have come at a better time! Digital real estate is exactly what I was looking for!!

Jessica Pincher

After jumping on a webinar with Champion and asking the questions I had, to one of the owners nonetheless, I knew Champion was the company to choose! Some of my friends chose other companies and they have regretted it. I’m beyond happy that I went with Champion. As time goes on, they have continued to exceed my expectations! Highly recommend!

Steven Del Mar

I purchased 5 digital real estate sites in October, and quickly made a purchase of an additional 5 before the month was over so that I could take advantage of their buy 10 get 1 free offer (not sure if that was a one time thing… but i definitely didn’t want to miss it!) I’ve owned my 11 sites for about 4 months now, was told not to expect any revenue for the first 6 or so months, but 5 of them have already started producing revenue!!! Can’t wait to see how these continue to grow over the coming years.

Alexis Romero

Champion Digital Real Estate has been a fun and exciting experience.I have made more money back than I invested, which was my first goal…and now i’m excited to see what each month holds going forward. The initial investment was small, and very affordable compared to other companies out there. The best part of it all, is everything is done for you! I love having a team that works to make my sites profitable.